A Failed Coup Attempt.. What is happening in Turkey?

Cidde Başkonsolosluğu 24.07.2016

Inthe evening of July 15, an unauthorized military mobilization, out of the chain of command, started in various cities of Turkey, particularly in Ankara and Istanbul. Later on, it was understood that this military mobilization was a coup attempt. It was launched and conducted by a clique of soldiers from different ranks within the Turkish Armed Forces linked to Fethullah Gülen Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) to overthrow the democratically elected Government of Turkey.

The coup plotters fired at their own people, stabbed their commanders in the back and bombed the Office of the Presidency and Police Headquarters. The Grand National Assembly of Turkey, which is the main representative of the national will, came under attack for the first time in Turkey's democratic history. The perpetrators tried to broadcast their message by taking over studios of the state television (TRT) and raiding private media outlets. The perpetrators also wanted the Hulusi Akar, General Chief of Staff, talk on the phone with Fethullah Gülen.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım called people to take the streets, squares and airports to defend the democracy, democratic politics, democratic institutions and the Constitution. Turkish people responded to that call by flooding onto the streets and standing against the tanks of the gang of coup plotters. This unique and historic solidarity have foiled the coup attempt. Unfortunately, at least 246 people, including members of the security forces and civilians were martyred in Istanbul and Ankara, and more than 2.185 others were wounded while resisting the coup attempt.

During the failed coup attempt, all the political parties in the Turkish Parliament displayed a real solidarity with the elected Government, underlined the indispensability of democratic institutions, and supported the national will by issuing a joint declaration during an extraordinary meeting. It is clearly shown that democracy will prevail.

This coup attempt carried out by a faction of plotters in the military, linked to the FETÖ, led by the US based cleric Fethullah Gülen. On July 21, 2016, the Turkish Government declared a three-month valid state of emergency in the whole country to duly investigate and prosecute those suspected to be part of FETÖ, which has dangerous undercover networks not only in the army but also in several state organs. The purpose of the state of emergency is to take required measures in the most speedy and effective manner in the fight against FETÖ terrorist organization in order to save our nation from this ferocious terror network and return to normalcy as soon as possible. State of Emergency is a measure regulated by the Turkish Constitution and relevant national legislation and also a practice permissible under international human rights law, including European Convention of Human Rights. There should be no doubt that the process will be conducted as usual in full respect to fundamental rights and freedoms and the rule of law. The lives of ordinary people will not be affected during the state emergency period. The authority will be in the hand of Government, not in the military officials.

It is not only Turkey who resorted to State of Emergency in such circumstances. Many developed countries did the same when facing similar security threats. France, a member of the EU and the CoE, also declared State of Emergency on 14th November 2015 and implemented this measure since then. Last week it was extended for another 6 months. In this context, France declared that it may derogate from its obligations under European Convention on Human Rights in accordance with Article 15.

In this period, Turkish President Erdoğan received several phone calls and messages from his counterparts and head of governments around the world, including the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. In his phone call with President Erdoğan, King Salman bin Abdulaziz condemned the coup attempt, expressed sincere condolences for the people who lost their lives, and congratulate President Erdoğan for the return to calm in Turkey. Thus, Saudi Arabia became the one of the fastest country that have shown solidarity with the people of Turkey after the coup attempt targeted Turkey's democracy. Besides that as a solidarity with Turkey, at the request of Ankara, Saudi authorities detained Turkey’s military attaché to Kuwait who had been flying through the eastern city of Dammam.

Finally, I would like to extend many thanks to Saudi Arabian people who showed their solidarity and support with Turkey.

Fikret Özer

Consul General

Republic of Turkey


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