Important notes regarding visa application

Cidde Başkonsolosluğu 01.01.2016

- Visa application form must be fuly filled before submittion during the appointment.

- All payments (visa and other administrative fees) must be paid in cash. Credit/debit cards or personal cheques are not accepted.
- Visa fees may not be refundable.

- Saudi Arabian ordinary passport holders can obtain their three month period multiple entry e-Visas via the fee is 60 $.

- Please check the information for General Rules on Visa Requirements before the application

- Family members (partners & children) have to have seperate appointments. Group applications will not be accepted.

- Visa applications take at least two (2) working days to process. However, depending on your nationality, your status in Saudi Arabia and the type of visa, your application may need to be referred to the relevant Turkish authorities for their approval which takes minimum 3 weeks.

- You are advised not to finalize your travel arrangements before your visa is granted.

- Please note that the validity of a visa which is 3 months (except for visa categories such as work visa, residence visa, scientific research, study) starts on the day it was granted. Please specify the intended date of departure/arrival to/from Turkey in the visa application form.

- You are not allowed to have more than one appointment at once. Multiple appointments are not permitted by the system. Should you wish to take multiple appointments, you must try again 24 hrs later.

- If you wish to change the appointment date or time, you should first cancel the existing one by contacting the Consulate.

- All applicants are required to have a medical insurance that will be valid during their stay in Turkey.

- After online visa application and getting appointment, the applicants should bring their all original papers with them to the Consulate on their appointment date.

- Visa fees should be paid cash to the Consulate.

- Without online visa application and appointment, the applications will not be accepted by the Consulate.

- The Consulate kindly requests from all the visa applicants to take into consideration the new regulations and make the visa application at least 30 days before the travel date.

- Presenting the relevant documents does not guarantee the approval of the visa application. Approved visa applications will be issued at 15.30-16.30 at least two days after submission, except weekends and holidays. The Consulate closes at 16.30.

- Single entry Turkish visa costs 225 SAR, multiple entry visa costs 750 SAR, for each person.

- You are kindly advised to apply one month before your travel.

- The Consulate accepts applications from Makkah, Madinah, Tabuk, Asir, Jazan and Al Baha regions. The residents in other regions of the Kingdom should apply to the Turkish Embassy in Riyadh.

- The applicant will come himself or he can send someone very close relative from the family example father, mother, sister or brother.

For requirement documents please click the link below:

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